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Enrich the AGP4X Graphics Accelerator with optimal Performance and Functionality


The advanced features of the SiS 740 System Board include :

Supports AMD Athlon XP 1500+~1900+, Athlon/Duron 500M~1.4GHz CPUs with frequency at 200/266MHz in Socket A for MicroATX Form Factor.

Provides 2 DIMMs for PC133 SDRAM, 2 DDR DIMM for DDR266 modules, and memory size is expand up to 2GB.

Embeded 256-bit 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator with 128MB frame buffer, support AGP 4X 266MHz mode up to 2GB/s bandwidth, 333MHz true-colorm RAMDAC, resolution up to 2048x1536x32bpp NI; AGP Rev. 2.0 Spec. Compliant.
Provides an AMR slot; DirectSound AC97 Codec on board, for Audio and Modem applications.

10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN on board, supports IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards, and fully compliant ANSI X3.263 TP-PMD physical sub-layer.

Bundled an AMR 56K V.90 Fax/Modem card for internet communication.

2MB Flash ROM on board, provides complete Advance Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) and Legacy PMU; Ultra DMA 66/100 ; fully compliant with PC'97 and PC98 Spec.

Provides ATX power connector supports various functions of ATX Power such as Suspend, Shutdown, Wake on LAN, Wake on Modem, Wake on Alarm, Interrupt Wake-Up from Keyboard/Mouse, and Keyboard Power On/Off.

Built-in Hardware Monitor circuit supports Thermal, Power and Fan Speed monitor.

Supports PC99 Color Connector for easy identification of peripheral devices.

Optional external USB card for extra USB ports connection.

Bundled 3Deep, to deliver the precise imagery and display accurate color in your monitor.

Bundled Super Voice for Fax/Modem and Voice applications; MediaRing Talk for Internet Phone communication.

Bundled Trend Micro's PC-Cillin2000(OEM) for Windows98/Me/NT/2000 and internet virus protection.