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Free software, used software or quality retail software then check below to find what you are looking for. Whether you want to prevent viruses affecting your computer or fed up typing then check out Shield 2007 as a solution to your anti-virus needs or IBM ViaVoice to talk to your computer and save those tired fingers.

Used Software
3D Studio Viz  £3.00
Operating Systems
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation+ Licence and Manual.  £10.00
Windows 95 osr2
CD Manual and Licence
Autodesk View   2.0  Upgrade Complete with manuals  £20.00
Virus Checkers
 VirusScan Online
Protect your system from viruses online.
Norton Systemworks 2001 with Anti Virus
One years free updates win95/98 ME
not XP
Comand & Conquer Red Alert Original ...........................Westwood Studios £4.99
Command & Conquer Red Alert counterstrike mission.....Westwood Studios £4.99
Axelerator...........Magic Bytes £4.99
StarCraft......Blizzard £4.99
Castles 11   Siege and Conquest   Dos Game  £4.99
Midtown Madness
from Microsoft comes with free copy of
Aliens versus Predators
 Blade Runner form Westwood studios  £1.99
 Supreme Snowboarding from Infogrames  £2.99
 Axelerator from 21st Century great little driving game  £2.99  
 Atlas of Great Britain Ordnace Survey second edition  £3.99
 Comptons 3D World Atlas  £2.99  
 Multimedia / Graphics  
 Survival "Mysteries of Nature" from
Anglia TV The secret world of animals. An interactive journey.
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition, try the power of Photoshop. £2.50  
 Desktop Publishing  
Serif Draw Plus 4.0 for Win 95/98 £4.99
Serif PagePlus 4.0 for Win 95 £4.99
Serif PagePlus 6 + Design CD for win95/98/2000/NT4 £16.99
Serif Pageplus 4 + Drawplus2 -   on one CD £4.99 
Serif Drawplus 3- Drawing and   Graphics Package for Win95 £4.99   

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