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It is estimated that 80% of computers users do NOT have active virus protection.

This is mostly due to:
1. expired virus protection software
2. improper installation
3. lack of general computer knowledge by the user.

Did you know that:
- new computers generally come with 90 days of virus protection.
- virus protection software purchased in stores or online only has 1 year of virus protection.
- it is estimated that 40 new viruses come out each and every day.

What can happen if I do not have Active Virus Protection?
All your personal information can be lost Your computer can send a virus to your friends (everyone in your address book)
A virus can compromise your personal information and make Identity Theft possible
Hackers can access your computer and send spam without your knowledge.

This may sound a bit like scare tactics but I have been on the receiving end of a virus which caused me considerable disruption and wasted time and if you run a business you know gets translated into lost earnings.