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Revealing Parts Of A Laptop

Before considering buying a laptop, buyers must research first for the brand of laptops that suits their needs and wants. Still, it does not end there. A laptop is considered the same as a desktop computer. It is but the laptop is considerably more sensitive than the desktop computers. So as a laptop user it is a must that they must know the parts of the laptop. It is a good source in extracting brand reviews.

The battery is one of the parts of the laptop. It is for maintaining a good source of power for the laptop. Users plug it in the main switch to be charged. They can do this while working. Once it is full, it can now be used without the help of electricity. It is one of the things that make the laptop better than the desktop. The power cord and the power adapter work together in converting the high voltage of electricity when charged to the low voltage power needed by the laptop.

The screen hinges is considered by many as the two main parts of a laptop since it combines the panel and the base. The webcam in the laptop is separate from the LCD screen. It is positioned in the display panel on top while the screen cable is the one that connects the motherboard into the display panel.

The LCD screen is in the display panel. Most of the time, it is not applicable for repair in case it is cracked or broken. It is considered as one of the most expensive and highly sensitive parts of a laptop.

The wireless network card is connected to the motherboard. It helps the users to connect to the internet without using any cable. The sound board which comprises of microphone and headphone jack as well as volume control are attached to the motherboard also. The video card is closely related with the whole operating system of the laptop. If the card is no longer functioning, users have to replace the motherboard. Video cards can be removed from the motherboard. The cooling fan is also necessary to maintain the normal coolness or temperature of the laptop.

The CD/DVD drive is for the users to extract information that they need from these sources. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard. It can also be removed from the motherboard just like the video card. The processor is considered as the brain of the laptop and any other digital computers. It is commonly called as the Central processing Unit (CPU). The hard drive is the main storage room of all data and programs in the laptop. The memory is replaceable. It varies on the brand of the laptop. It is installed for better use of the laptop. The motherboard is the most important part of the laptop. It is where all the internal components are installed.

The parts of the laptop vary depending on its ease of use. Most laptop brands have less battery time. Some have great memory capacity. They have done this because users have different needs and wants. Therefore, laptop makers have to satisfy those needs to be able to generate a sale.


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Revealing Parts Of A Laptop Laptop Parts resources image
Revealing Parts Of A Laptop Laptop Parts image

Revealing Parts Of A Laptop Laptop Parts resources image
Revealing Parts Of A Laptop Laptop Parts image

Revealing Parts Of A Laptop image