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Tips On How To Replace Laptop Hard Drives Effectively

Do not ever rush into immediately replacing your laptop hard drive if you or an expert has not yet troubleshoot the problem. The very first thing you must do when trying to replace the hard drives of your laptop is to remove the battery.

Two Types Of Action In Replacing Hard Drives

Hard drive replacement in laptops entails two types of action. One is easier which is by the "access" action or the "bringing the entire laptop apart" action. Various models and brands of laptops would determine which action you are supposed to take for your laptop. For models that require the access action, first you expose the hard drive which is hidden at the back of a detachable panel on the lower part of the laptop. This you have to take out by removing the screw with a screw driver, of course.

Look at it closely and you will see that the hard drive depends on the cage where it's attached to. It is actually the power data, the data connector on one end and the spring steel tab on another end that protects both the hard drive and the cage. Here are some tips on how to properly replace your laptop's hard drive.

Removing The Cage From The Old Drive

Unscrew and take away the cage. Make sure you will remember how to put the cage back after you have finished replacing the hard drive. Because you will need to mount it back the same way you found it. At the time your hard drive has already been mounted in the cage, you may then start dong the reassembly for the whole cage.

Reassembly Of The Laptop Hard Drive

Make sure that you maintain the drive on a position that is on a shallow angle. In other words, make sure that when you put the hard drive, it is close to the laptop's bottom. You may do this while you slide all the pins into the connector.

Hard Drives Slim And Light: Need Extra Care When Putting Them Back

Also, be careful when putting the laptop hard drive because laptop hard drives are known for not being so hardy and sturdy. In fact, they are extremely slim and very light that you do not need to exert any more mechanical pressure on them.
This is why hard drive replacement has become quite a nerve-racking activity for some people, especially those who have not tried doing it before. The key is, do not ever apply any force on it, and you will be able to do this task just fine.

Restoration CD For Your Laptop

Now, the last step would be to replace the lid or cover in your laptop hard drive by using a long screw, and then simply attach it again to the laptop's bottom. There is an emergency restoration for the CD that goes with the laptop. And this is used to reload every software you need on your desktop. However, you always have to have back-up of all your data as they cannot be restored by this restoration CD.


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Tips On How To Replace Laptop Hard Drives Effectively  Laptop Parts resources image
Tips On How To Replace Laptop Hard Drives Effectively  Laptop Parts image

Tips On How To Replace Laptop Hard Drives Effectively  Laptop Parts resources image
Tips On How To Replace Laptop Hard Drives Effectively  Laptop Parts image

Tips On How To Replace Laptop Hard Drives Effectively  image